How to Choose a Mortgage: Tips from My House Online Estate Agents in Kings Lynn

How to Choose a Mortgage: Tips from My House Online Estate Agents in Kings Lynn

When you're ready to buy a house, getting a mortgage is a big step. It can feel overwhelming, which is why some people get help from a mortgage adviser. My House Online estate agents in Kings Lynn are here to help you understand if you need a mortgage adviser and how to find a good one.

Do You Need to Get Advice for Your Mortgage?

You don't have to get advice when you pick a mortgage, but it's a good idea. Advisers can help you find the best mortgage for your situation, especially if your income is a bit different, like if you work for yourself or you're buying your first home.

Why Think About Using a Mortgage Adviser?

  • They Know Lots: Advisers can make finding a mortgage easier and quicker because they know the market well.
  • They Save You Time: Advisers look for the best mortgage for you, so you don't have to.
  • They Might Save You Money: With their knowledge, advisers can find deals that save you money in the long run.
  • They Help You Understand: Advisers can explain the different mortgages, helping you pick the best one.

How Much Does a Mortgage Adviser Cost?

Some advisers get paid by the mortgage companies, so you don't have to pay them anything. Others might charge you around £500 or more . It's important to know how much they charge before you start working with them.

How to Find a Good Mortgage Adviser

Nowadays, you can find advisers online, which means you're not just stuck with advisers near you. Look for advisers who are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. Also, check their fees and what other people have said about them online.

Different Kinds of Mortgage Advisers

There are two types of advisers:

  • Restricted advisers: They only look at a few lenders.
  • Whole of market advisers: They can look at lots of different lenders to find the best mortgage for you.

What to Ask a Mortgage Adviser

When you talk to an adviser, ask them how many mortgages they can look at, how much they charge, and if you can talk to someone in person if you need to.

Getting Free Mortgage Advice

Good news! We partnered with the mortgage advisers who provide initial advice for for free. They can look at lots of different mortgages to find the best one for you. 

Some of the advicers are also multilingual if you prefer to obtain the advice in your own language. 

Here are some of our partners :

Yellow Brick Mortgages 

Yellow Brick Mortgages offers us and our audience a monthly newsletter named Viewpoint, designed to guide you through the complexities of the mortgage market.Read Here

The Mortgage Synergy

The Norfolk Mortgage Company 

If you would like us to point you in the right direction, give us a call on 01553 670179 


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